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Pop My Score will find ways to improve your credit by removing inaccurate negative items that are holding back your credit scores. Start improving your credit score today! 

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How It Works

Take the next steps to improve your successful financial journey by following these three simple steps:

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SIGNUP – Complete the onboarding and receive your Client Consultation and Credit Analysis.

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RELAX – We do all the heavy lifting for you to remove the information keeping your credit score low.

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How we can help

What We Remove

We help improve your credit by removing the following items:

Collection Accounts

When an account becomes seriously past due, the creditor may decide to turn the account over to an internal collection department or to sell the debt to a collection agency. Once an account is sold to a collection agency, the collection account can then be reported as a separate account on your credit report. Collection accounts have a significant negative impact on your credit scores.

Late Payments

You have a 30-day grace period with your creditors before they can report it to the Credit Bureaus. We can dispute late payments based on inaccuracies of the date they reported to the Credit Bureau or we can make a request of a "GoodWill" Courtesy Removal.

Hard Inquiries

These can be harmful to your credit score. Each hard inquiry usually causes a small credit score to decrease for a borrower. Hard inquiries can remain on your credit report for two years. A high number of hard credit inquiries in a short period of time can be interpreted as an attempt to substantially expand available credit which creates higher risks for a lender. We can dispute this based on inaccuracies or make a request of a Goodwill Courtesy Removal.

Charge Offs

A charge-off is a debt that a creditor has given up trying to collect on after you’ve missed payments for several months. These can include balances from a credit card, mortgage, or other debt you take on. As a last resort, the creditor can decide that the debt is a loss for the company and designate it as “charged off.” But that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Even though your account is charged off and the creditor reports it as a loss, you’re still responsible for paying back the debt. And the charge-off can remain on your credit reports for up to seven years from the date your first missed payment was reported.


Repossession hurts your credit score. In fact, it's one of the worst things that can happen to your credit, making your financial life more difficult for years to come. First, the late payments leading up to the repossession will damage your credit score once they're reported to the credit bureaus. Then, the repossession itself will be listed in the public records section of your credit report.

Student Loans & more.

Bankruptcy, Inquiry removals, Pay-Day Loans, Child-Support, Public Records, and much more!

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Advanced Credit Repair

Unlike other credit repair companies, we don’t do factual disputing as this method is outdated, ineffective, and equivalent to fraud. We don’t send out a template, or cookie-cutter disputes on behalf of our clients. We challenge ETHICALLY and EFFECTIVELY by the report-ability of the individual account, contesting that the requisite standards of compliance are not being adhered to. So even if the account has information that is factual, the compliance of the account may not meet FCRA standards, therefore, force either a modification to correction OR REMOVAL from reporting. 

All packages include FREE Credit Monitoring.

How We Improve Your Life

Let’s face it: life is just better with a good credit score. Those three numbers will affect virtually every piece of your adult life, from whether you can rent an apartment, buy a home or a vehicle, get a cell phone and even your ability to get many jobs. To have the greatest impact on your score, we fight to remove negative and inaccurate information from your report, while simultaneously helping you add good, positive lines of credit.


We challenge every piece of negative information every month. This makes your repair process much shorter, saving you money.


We help you open specifically selected, preapproved lines of credit to add positive information to your report, making it easier to get more approvals later.


We teach you how to continue to build and maintain your new score FOR LIFE!

"Due to our previous financial mistakes, my wife and I were having difficulty finding a new home for our family, which was quite embarrassing. The Pop My Score team did not judge us and made us feel more comfortable knowing that we were not alone in this situation! "
William's Family
"I had no trouble qualifying for a mortgage because of my military service, but the rate I originally received on my mortgage was quite high. The Pop My Score team helped me in improving my credit score so that I could refinance my loan at a much lower rate! Thank you so much, Pop My Score Help, for everything you've done for me! "
Mr. Gomez
"Being a single parent is difficult. Trying to buy a house as a single parent is even more difficult... The Pop My Score team literally held my hand, fixed my credit, and put me in touch with everyone I needed to find a new home. My daughter and I cannot express how grateful we are to you!"
Ms. Forgeard

We Have The Best 100%
Money Back Guarantee

Legally we can not guarantee score increases or specific account deletions. 

However, we have a money-back guarantee if no changes to your credit report in 120 days.

Here's what you might be wondering

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question. Unlike most companies that only dispute two or three items per month, Pop My Score challenges every piece of negatively reporting information every month, which results in a much shorter total program time for our clients. However, please always keep in mind that credit repair is a process, and that process takes time and patience as well as maximum effort. Most of out clients will see some changes on their credit report within the first 45 days or so, and then they see more results following each cycle that we send. However, there have been a few clients who had very few changes for 4 or 5 months, and then all of the sudden there was a landslide of removals, deletions and updates. Patience and persistence is the key to successful credit repair. Even for the most stubborn negative accounts that took many, many rounds, there has rarely been an account that could not be removed with enough attacks and enough patience. We call this the TMF (Too Much Factor), where over time our challenges cost the bureaus too much money and too much time and we have presented too much evidence, and they will eventually remove the challenged account. But we need your patience in order to reach this point on the most stubborn items. Our advice: Don’t Quit! You will be successful in the long run.

Every 35 days, at the end of a challenge cycle, we will pull your updated credit report and update your Secure Client Portal with the results. We will also send you an email with all the significant updates, as well as insight as to why your scores changed. These might include pointing out that a credit card balance increased significantly, and advice on what you can do to help us help you.

This is totally normal. Depending on the balance of negative and positive accounts, it may take a while to remove enough negative items and add enough positive information to really shift the balance and see that reflected in your score. That doesn’t mean nothing is happening, though. Every reported negativity we remove strengthens your overall credit profile and makes you more attractive to lenders and credit card companies, which is the goal. Here’s a secret though: Your score doesn’t really matter.

What matters is the overall makeup of your credit profile. We know PLENTY of people whose scores can be above 725, yet because of their overall profile no one will finance them a dime. But, even if you have a lower score but your overall profile is healthier, you have a better chance of being approved for what you want, which is the only purpose for credit in the first place.

Unfortunately, with hundreds of clients, we have to streamline communication. As you can imagine, everyone has their preferred method of communicating, so if we have people trying to text, whatsapp, FB message or calling our personal cell phones, communication can quickly get lost and you will feel unimportant, which is certainly not the case. Because we want you to get the attention your concern deserves, we funnel all communication through either your Secure Client Portal or by email to

Absolutely! Due to the current climate, our staff is largely remote to keep everyone safe and comfortable. Because of this, the easiest way to get on the phone with your Credit Improvement Expert is to book a call using the page below. Please be sure to let us know exactly what you have questions about so that we can help you the best way possible. Here is the link to schedule your call:

Due to regulatory restrictions, we can only have access to an updated credit report every 30 days at the earliest. So, if you get a notification from one of your apps that something has changed, been removed or updated, we will not be able to provide any details about it until we are able to pull an updated report at the end of the 30-day period.

Your payment date will be on the anniversary date of the day you signed up initially. For example, if your first payment was on the 16th of the month, you will be billed on the 16th of every month. The only exception is: if the 16th falls on a Sunday, the bank that does our payment processing may process your payment on the Saturday before.

We need to see any communication you receive from creditors, collectors or the credit bureaus. You can scan or take pictures of this communication and either upload it into your Secure Client Portal or email it to

Do not give any collection company any information about you, including your name. Simply tell them that you want all communication to be through mail, and that you do not give them permission to contact you on the phone.

This is completely normal. During the repair process, challenged items get placed into a Disputed Status that affects the way the information is calculated. In fact, it is common to see a large drop in the first month or two of repair, but again this is normal, and nothing at all to get concerned about. Once the investigations are completed and those accounts are removed, the scores will reflect the correct changes.

Well, that is because you don’t actually have a credit score. You have a Credit Profile which contains all your information. The information on your Credit Profile gets run through an algorithm called a Scoring Model which gives particular values and weights to the information in your profile, which then gets calculated to create your score. There are dozens of different Scoring Models, and they all calculate the information slightly differently, so your score will be different on all of them all even though they are calculating the same information. The two main Scoring Models are FICO and Vantage, and there are even several different versions of the FICO and Vantage scores. The main thing to know is that as long as negative items are being removed and you are consistently adding positive information in the form of on-time payments and low balances on your credit cards, your credit will improve.

Absolutely, and we will suggest that you open specific credit accounts based on your credit profile. These accounts will be tailored to you, and will plug the holes in your specific credit file and maximize your score.

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